Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Just moving

Manner?  Who has those? 
Wyatt last hurrah in the old pantry!  It was somewhat organized before Wyatt got mobile.  
Wyatt went to visit with Nana so we could have some time with Hannah Claire and also get to work packing.  HC's request was a Waterburger (aka Whataburger) picnic in the living room floor.  This girl is not hard to please, well sometimes.
After the crazy, worst, most difficult move ever, we tried to get back to normal life.  Wyatt adapted really quickly.  He found things he could destroy.
Little mischievous thing!
Hannah Clair posing for a sweet picture before heading off to her last day of 3K.  Really!?! 4K?  Where has the time gone?
This is Wyatt on his final day of being in the baby class.  He was ready for Younger Toddlers, I was not.  Sad face here from mommy!
How adorable are these two boys?  
I love all three of these Millers! 

July 2012 Cell Pictures

Happy Independence Day!  We spent the day relaxing and cooking out with some great friends.  After some yummy food we headed to the local July 4th celebration!  They had bouncy houses which HC & Emma had a blast playing in.  
They even got a little princess action in before the fireworks got started.
Sweet patriotic girls.
HC spent some time with Nana.  Of course they did some shopping and this was the picture I was sent.
Every July our church has a service day for the community.  In the past we have always found a major project and went to work.  This summer we decided to head over to one of the big events at a local neighborhood.  We decided it was time for Hannah Claire to start working to help others and seeing that not everyone is as blessed as she is.  When we arrived we were assigned to the food prep station.  Our girl went straight to work.  She put condiments in boxes like it was her job!
We finished filling boxes and without any directions HC saw that boxes needed to moved from one place to another.  She went straight to work. 
After that HC walked around passing out extra cookies to the kids at the event.  She is such a sweet girl with a tender heart.  
Silly boy.
What?  Did I do something wrong?
This was our dinner with Aunt Lorie at the beach!
This was a text we got from school.  There was a birthday party and a chocolate cupcake.  The rest is history.
Shane took this picture coming home one day.  If you look closely you can see the double rainbow over our old house.  This was right before we moved and a great going away present for us.  We loved that house.  It was where we spent the majority of our married life so far together.  It was where we brought both children home from the hospital.  There are times we miss this house but it was a great house and God clearly had His hand on the entire selling of that house.  We really felt the Lord leading us to put it on the market, even though it didn't make any sense.  We did it for sale by owner and had an offer with days of putting it on the market.  God really has a way of working things out.   I am so thankful He is smarter than me!
Wyatt was not sure what to think about the wind blowing through his hair. 

Shane's Work Trip

We thought that we would not take a single beach trip in 2012.  Boy were we wrong.  Thankfully, Shane was asked to work a conference at Sandestin.  So we all loaded up and headed south.  It just so happened that Aunt Lorie was at the beach too!  We got to hang out and even have dinner together. 
This girl is obsessed with "water fingys".  At least it's water and at least she is staying hydrated.  
We played while daddy worked but he got to spend the afternoons with us and we had some yummy food!  The kids loved the pool and most importantly running down the hall in the hotel.  They had lots of fun and were up waaay past bedtime.  That lead to some craziness (or just normal behavior around here).  We tried to get some pictures of them together after dinner one night.  You can see how that went. 
Our resident daredevil in action.  This was right about the time the chair went tumbling over.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Life Through the iPhone June 2012

These are in no particular order but tell the story of our life through June of 2012.  It was a fun month!  Hannah Claire and Wyatt were spoiled while at Nanmy & Pappy's for a long weekend without Mom & Dad.  They swam, rode horses and did who knows what!
They love each other and I love that they do.  This picture melts my heart!
While at Nana's Hannah Claire helped clean to earn some money to buy a baby doll she had her eye on.  We had to stop at Target on our way home from picking up the kids in Cullman to make the purchase.  Forget that we just flew in, drove an hour to pick them up and drove an hour back, this kid had some money burning a hole in pocket.
Hannah Claire and her sweet friends from school had their first field trip.  We all got to go the Children's Theatre to see Billy Goats Gruff.  It was lots of fun and all of the kids had a blast!  Hannah Claire even got to meet the characters after the show. 
Swim lessons kicked off and lasted for two weeks.  Hannah Claire did great and learned so much.  She was even swimming without floaties by the end of the class.  
We squeezed in a trip to the zoo and hit up the splash pad and the carousel!
Afterwards we visited Pinches Tacos to redeem a Groupon.  It was okay but the kids had a blast!  HC likes to get up in Wyatt's face, which he does not care for.  He has learned to defend himself though.  The hair is an easy way to get her out of the way.  Thankfully she thought it was funny! 
 Nana & Pappy came for Wyatt's dedication which was such a special day.  Afterwards we hit up PF Chang's for some delicious lunch!  The picture is blurry but I love it!  
Hannah Claire finally got her 4 year old well check.  Of course she is perfect, just like we knew she was.  Growing and right on track.  She even got to wear the super cool paper robe for the first time.  
She also got to go to the dentist.  She is definitely her mom's daughter.  She actually likes going to the dentist.  Although she make like it because they get a token at the end and can put it in the machines out front to get a prize.  Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure that is why she likes going.  Nevertheless she does great while there.  Genius marketing by the dentist and his staff!
How adorable is this little man?  He just melts my heart!
And a good sense of humor to go along with those big blue eyes!
He was worn out when we left the doctors office.  Bless him!